Six Months To Savour-Trinitones’ 2017 So Far

It’s safe to say that the first six months of 2017 were unlike anything Trinitones had ever experienced, never have we been so busy. Going into the New Year we set out our goals or more appropriately our resolutions. They included raising €12,500 in under 2 months through a Fundit campaign to make a dream trip to Australia a reality whilst also bringing together all Trin’Alumni to celebrate the groups Five year Anniversary in April. Never in our wildest dreams did we think either would be achieved, but thanks to the relentless and determined leadership of the ginger king Nigel Neily Dong Done, we managed to surprise ourselves.


While using the power of social media and our money can’t buy beggin’ family and friend abilities we had to devote much of our time to reaching out to the public. If there was ever a spare hour on any given day where there was enough voices to perform we would take to the streets of Dublin to busk our brains out, so much so that we were unable to sing much of our repertoire without a shrug of the shoulders. The Fundit campaign began on Australia Day, January 26th and ended on March 12th. From day one we hit the ground running with a performance in Croke Park and coincidently it was for the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce where we treated guests to the Vegimite Theme Tune and Waltzing Matilda. We started as we meant to go on. Other performances included a guest appearance at Trinity’s DU Dance Off Competition, a spontaneous set in the college arts building as part of Trinity Arts Festival, a Valentine’s day feature on the Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk and fundraisers on Grafton Street for World Cancer Day and Oesophogeal Cancer. However the exposure generated from busking proved to be the difference between reaching our target and failing.


As part of the campaign we ventured out to the coast to the likes of Howth and Dún Laoghaire for a change of scenery, but Grafton Street most definitely suffered the most. The echoes of the Auld Triangle on a daily basis almost got the better of poor Eamonn McGorry for example. However looking back it was all worth it in the end, especially when we descended on Landsdowne Road on what was a cold, wet and victorious night for Irish Rugby. Trinitones were the unofficial pre and post match entertainment as fans made their way to the Aviva Stadium to witness Ireland defeat France in the Six Nations. While it proved to be our most successful busk of all time, lucky for us a gentleman from Lovin Dublin was one of the thousands of passers-by and as people were in such good spirits, he decided to do two separate live broadcasts on the official Facebook page, both of which generated hundreds of thousands of viewers from all around the world. The man in question Niall Harbison then included the videos in an article (linked below) he later wrote entitled ‘Why Ireland is the Greatest Little Country in the World’. At this point we were only two weeks away from the end of our FundIt Campaign and had left ourselves with a mountain to climb to reach our target. This exposure filled us with a lot of pride and made us believe that we could achieve something very special. On the back of this we were invited to perform for Lovin Dublin live on Facebook from their offices and we were also handed a further boost in publicity with a performance for Dublin Barista School which was also shared with the world. Together with this, paid gigs, busking and individual funds raised, we reached our goal against all the odds. Thanks to all your support, tolerance and generosity, Trinitones are touring Australia in September!!!!

In the midst of all the organisation of our adventure Down Under we still had more performances to complete. We could now return to enjoying ourselves a bit more, especially after all the busking we put ourselves through, on many occasions we nearly lost the will to live. Normal service resumed with an unforgettable evening at the wedding reception of Sarah and John. We were welcomed into their beautiful family home where we performed to guests in every corner of the house, including the kitchen sink. We were then up bright and early on St. Patricks Day to perform in Marks and Spencers, Grafton Street for a VIP Breakfast as part of the St. Patricks Festival. We were also delighted to be asked to perform at TEDxTCD’s first conference at the end of March. April began with a celebration of everything Trinitones, a party like no other took place as we celebrated our Fifth Anniversary in the beautiful Bello Bar. On a night where we had almost 40 past or present members, Trinitones winded back the years to the more absurd uniforms and told a story through the evolution of the group’s sound and repertoire, all of which has remained the same. It’s safe to say the current crop are easily the most dapper. Each of the past six groups reunited to sing the greatest hits while generation six and a certain Kernal were a constant throughout. Audience members were even treated to some top quality merchandise including stickers, the prestigious Trini’mug and the coveted ‘V’ programme. It was another truly memorable night, a tradition that will surely continue until we have enough awkward, highly educated men to declare absolutely nothing. Click the link to watch the Encore!

As we moved into exam season, we enjoyed our annual performance at Trinity Ball and another new experience whereby 9 of us were flown out to London by Trinity Alumni to perform at the Alumni Ball which turned out to be one of the best gigs we have ever done. Guests were engaging and had our full attention. The atmosphere was unlike anything we had ever experienced. An incredible weekend, an event we hope to perform at again in the near future, maybe even the New York equivalent? We also elected/reinstated our Singers committee members for next year, also known as the dictatortones’ and welcomed University of Bergen’s Male Chamber Choir, Mannskoret Arme Riddere who performed to a full house in the Royal Irish Academy of Music.

Our busy schedule before summer finished with a performance at the Alumni Awards in the College Dining Hall, an intimate birthday lunch for the lovely Meriel in the Merrion Hotel and the Guiness Storehouse. Finally, our last function as a full group before summer was a very special collaborative performance with the World’s Oldest and most well renowned Collegiate A Capella group, Yale Whiffenpoofs in the College Chapel. After we warmed the crowd up, we were treated to a magnificent display by our visitors who blew us and the audience away with their amazing sound and talent. The pleasure was ours, a very fitting end to another college year. Follow the link for a taster of the Whiffenpoofs set!

So, as you can see we have had quite a year so far. We now look forward to our most exciting venture yet and we’ll be bringing you all along with us as we travel Down Under, beginning in Sydney and finishing in Melbourne. Trinitones will be documenting the entire trip, expect an onslaught of Snapchat and Instagram stories, pretty pics and maybe even a few vlogs. In the meantime stay tuned for some exciting announcements in the next couple of months, some of which may not be related to our Australia trip that you are already sick of hearing about. Sorry. To all our supporters (the haters), have a wonderful summer and enjoy it while you can, we’ll be back in your everyday lives sooner than you think.


Farewell 2016

This year was quite a handful for Trinitones, many lows and many more lows culminating in what we would call a successful 2016. The last few months have been particularly eye opening, beginning on the Mobile Home Stage in the Trailer Park at Electric Picnic where we performed to a confused but ultimately enthusiastic audience on the final day of the festival. Voices were understandably rough and nerves were sky high but the final product was as good as we could have hoped for. It was an incredible honour to return to the festival and we hope that they will take us back despite our abuse of the free top notch back stage crepes. Bar the performance, the weekend as a whole was incredible. Amazing acts and a mighty sesh. We marked our territory in our campsite on day one with a circular formation of tents and a gazebo which beamed our prestigious logo in the night so drunken walks home would be significantly easier and fellow performers would be intimidated to interact with us. It was an appropriate finale to what was the end of an era for the group.


2016 was a year where many icons were taken from us. We could say the exact same to a certain extent, I know what you’re thinking and I’m afraid you’re misunderstood, we’re all still alive and well. We merrily said farewell to seven of our comrades who decided it was now time to move onto bigger and better things. So we finished by recording a song and shooting a music video in a squash court where we had a boogie. You should watch it, unless you don’t want to of course. We also enjoyed an appearance on RTÉ’s fantastic documentary on a year in the life of Trinity College. Of all the acts that performed at Trinity Ball, we were the only act shown which is a massive honour but hysterical at the same time. So for the outgoing lads, it was nice for them to depart with a ‘naughty’ appearance on national television and a somewhat ‘viral’ video. It was then time for them to make way for the new crop of fools.

After a successful audition process, we gained seven new specimens. All of different shapes and sizes, they entered as normal, respectable men. However after a weekend of initiation in the shticks of Ardmore in County Waterford where they were baptised in the freezing waters, battered and bruised in games of rugby and whiskey pong they emerged as Tones that everyone will think differently of. After weeks of intense training and some warm up functions with An Cosán in the Shelbourne Hotel and busking on the freezing streets of Dublin we were ready for our meeting with the Wallabies, the Trinity Tiger Tones.

14753478_1327359530608569_7073720277569892833_o (1)

In November we welcomed Trinity College Melbourne’s all male A Capella group who toured the UK and Ireland last month. They stopped off in Dublin for a week where we gave them the ultimate introduction to Irish culture. This included the consummation of a lot of Guinness in some of Dublin’s finest pubs, a tour and whiskey tasting session in the Teeling Whiskey Distillery, a performance in one of Trinity’s most exclusive room’s, an introduction to the nightlife, the Irish rap scene and a trip on the Dart to Co. Wicklow where we tested our fitness levels and immune systems as we conquered the Bray Cliff walk which ended with both groups watching Ireland v Australia together in Greystones (we were delighted to come out on top on this occasion). We also did a bit of singing of course.
We had an amazing collaborative performance in the beautiful Bello Bar, the sold out gig was entitled ‘Clash of the Tones’. A very successful fun filled evening, not just a showcase of A Capella but the show featured a number of skits and a great DJ at the end of the night. We were also delighted to donate some funds from the concert to the Movember foundation which we made a big effort to support this year. It was a great experience getting to know the lads from Down Under, they taught us a lot especially when it came to stage presence which is something we always look to improve on and also the power of improvising new songs on the spot. It’s a week we will never forget, we’re very proud to call the ‘Felliz’ mates. Making friends is something we struggle with so it’s also nice to have made some progress on that front.


After recovering from the onslaught of the Wallabies we began a busy Christmas period with a return to the Teeling Whiskey Distillery for the lighting of their Christmas tree, quickly followed by a performance at Trinity Hall for the JCR Christmas Party ‘Deck the Halls’. We were then invited to perform in the Westbury Hotel for Boodles, Pygmallion, the Senior Common Room, the Gingerman Bar, the College Chapel for our annual Charity Christmas concert, the Shelbourne Hotel for the Snowflake Ball and finally a slot on Pat Kenny’s Christmas Show on Newstalk.

We are now in hibernation, recovering from what was a jam packed 2016. We’ll be back very soon with some more underwhelming and perhaps some surprising announcements. In 2017 we hope to go where no Trinitone has ever gone before…..Watch this space. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and from all of us here at Bad Boy HQ, Happy New Year!


G’luck Hilary!

It’s been another hectic but memorable term for Trinitones. We have been kept very busy these past few months with around 15 performances in total. After returning from Budapest, while we were continuing rehearsals we were thankful to have a couple of weeks off prior to our next gig. Many members, most notably Robin Sommers went into hiding and at times we were unsure whether we would ever reach those key changes again in ‘Love On Top’. 100 lemsips and 50 packets of Fishermans Friends later we were ready for action.


February began with a performance at the Button Factory which is one of Dublin’s most well renowned music venues. We were performing as part of DU Dance’s showcase Trinity Come Dancing which was one of many events organised as part of Trinity’s two week long RAG (Raise and Give). People will be glad to hear we weren’t in fact dancing, thankfully they only had to endure our singing. We then moved onto our next function at BESS Ball which took place in the Aviva Stadium where we entertained guests at the drinks reception. We then enjoyed the occasion itself after performing. A couple of the lads even got the shift, waaheeeyy! Our final performance in February took place in the very intimate venue which is the Printing House on the college campus. We were kindly invited to perform as part of TAF (Trinity Arts Festival). Whilst we didn’t have many gigs it gave us an opportunity to work on a lot of new material. We unfortunately said farewell to fellow barrytone Diarmo Brennan who left us in style with one word, ‘waltz’. We thank him for his years of service and wish him the very best in his quest to become a real life Bishop Brennan. We also recruited a new member, beatboxer Ruairi Neary from the exotic ‘island’ of India! His energy and rather unusual collection of sound effects have been a great addition to the group. We were very thankful to Dezzy and Mort for their commitment to the shared role as noisemaker whilst we recruited someone on a full time basis. March proved to be very jam packed.


A new month brought about some new experiences for us. We were delighted to be invited to perform at the official launch party for Electric Picnic in the Chocolate Factory. Like most corporate events such as this there was a free bar which many members took full advantage of. Next we performed at a wedding for the first time in the beautiful town of Mallow in Co. Cork for the wedding of Brian and Shannon who discovered us at Electric Picnic. Kermit Giles and Colonel McShane took one for the team and took on the long car journey whilst listening to the rest of us talk about our problems. This was one of two weddings we performed at during March, the second of which was a same sex marriage in Dublin. We thoroughly enjoyed both gigs and we hope to continue performing at weddings in the near future. We also had the pleasure of being part of RTE’s St Patricks Festival highlights programme where we were filmed singing in Front Square in Trinity and we welcomed presenter Keith Walsh to the group. The same day we performed two pop up gigs in Powerscourt Town Centre and St Stephens Green Shopping Centre as part of the festival itself. We were honoured to represent the college during RTE’s Centenary Commemoration in Trinity when we performed to a lovely crowd on the steps of the dining hall where we also performed our first original song called ‘My Land’ which was composed by the great Fungal Growth. The song is based on a poem by Thomas Davis. March finished with a function in the Mansion House in Dublin where we welcomed a choir from Sarnia in Ontario, Canada to Ireland for the Dublin Choral Festival which was nice. We were even presented with our own Canadian pins as a thank you. We also helped ourselves to the free nibbles on offer. Dick Lynn was particularly eager when it came to the freebies as mid performance he proceeded to stuff half a sandwich into his gob without attracting attention to himself. Finally, March saw the release of our new music video which features our controversial cover of Stacy’s Mom and follows our trip to Budapest (linked below). So on that note we move onto the last leg of term.

April featured two performances in Croke Park of all places. The first of which included a performance pitch side on the iconic podium where Sligo have never received the Sam Maguire:( We welcomed guests to the event with four Irish classics and we also took part in a final group performance at the end of the night with all the other entertainers including Seo Linn. Later in the month we were invited back to Croker again for a similar function, this time in the players’ lounge. Aside from this we had the small matter of our end of term concert and a performance at Trinity Ball.


Our term concert took place in the college Chapel which we always enjoy performing in. For many it was the last official college performance with the group. Therefore it was very special and we also managed to raise a lot of money for charity. We of course celebrated the occasion in style with a mad sesh, however we wisely conserved our energy for a big night two days later at Trinity Ball. It’s always an honour to be asked to play at this event. This year we even made the poster which is very rare and our font size was only ten times smaller than the Kooks, therefore we must be moving up in the world. Despite the light showers we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and surprisingly we managed not to outnumber our own audience. As our slot was early in the night we were able to roam free and lose each other. Many of us ended up back at Camp Gruntshaw for a nightcap. All in all it was a enjoyable evening.

The year ended with two performances in the beautiful Round Room in the Mansion House. One of which was a Grad Ireland awards ceremony which was hosted by RTE News anchor Brian Dobson. We also had two gigs in one day at the end of May. The first of which was in Google headquarters to celebrate Africa day and finally a Law masters Ball in the College Dinning Hall. Following the ball many members made the trip down to Gorey in Wexford to celebrate at Kermit’s 21st where they had a rap battle and watched the sunrise.

Thus concludes this edition of the Trini’blog. We have had a fantastic year and we look forward to a new chapter under the direction of ‘shockingly useful baritone’ Nigel Dong. We have some exciting projects that we are working on and some very big announcements to share with you all very soon. It is summer after all, watch this space;) For those who are finished exams congratulations to you all, have a great summer and trust your instincts. From all of us here at Trinitones HQ you have our permission to sesh!



So as it’s a new year we thought it would be a good idea to add another dimension to our website. So we came up with the idea of starting a blog and as I do my own personal blog I felt it was the best way I could contribute to improving the site and what better way to start then with an in depth analysis of a very eventful trip to Budapest. Yes that’s right, on Friday the 22nd of January Trinitones along with Trinity Belles, Boydell and Trinity Singers embarked on a wild weekend away to the Hungarian capital. After successfully spreading awareness of the group on a national scale and in parts of the UK, we felt Eastern Europe would be the perfect region to keep our image trending. Two flights left Dublin on the Friday, one in the morning and one in the evening. Five members took one for the team by taking the early morning flight (which had its benefits as they were in Budapest much longer) while the remainder of us boarded the evening flight. Upon boarding the plane in Dublin excitement was building. It was a late flight so we arrived in freezing cold Budapest at around half 11. We collectively decided to take Taxi’s to our accommodation. For myself, Niall Duff, Robin Sommers and Fungal Growth, the journey in the Taxi was one we will never forget and not for the right reasons. Let’s just say our Hungarian taxi driver was very controversial especially when he was asked what he thought of Ireland. I’ll leave you all to deliberate what I mean by that. All I will say is that what was said was jaw dropping. We eventually arrived at the Hostel and were greeted by the remainder of the group. At this stage a lot of alcohol had already been consumed. Our very own Sam Smith, Kermit Giles was particularly merry. Before joining them for a few drinks we were shown to our room which contained sixteen beds, thirteen of which were occupied by all the Trinitones and we all knew what this meant, sleepless nights! Moneybags Sch. and Jason Oldman had already taken their places upon the two king sized beds while the rest of us had to settle for bunks. Instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour in preparation for an early start in the morning, we succumbed to drinking wine for hours upon end. Certain members wisely called it a night while some of us powered through until about four in the morning which wasn’t ideal considering we had a concert the next day. I myself even tried to follow the rest but was forced to stay up and apparently as the youngest member I didn’t have a choice.

When Myself, Dessie Keen-Shaw, Robin, Fungal, MrMarksguitar O’Donnell and Finn Mac Chumhail finally entered the room we were greeted with what I can only describe as the worst thing I have ever smelt. Robin made his feelings known by repeatedly complaining about how bad the smell was. Once this happened we descended into fits of giggles and didn’t stop for about an hour. This was mainly due to the snoring of fellow members such as Niall. Finn’s night was summed up in a matter of seconds as he attempted to climb down from his bunk when he foolishly missed a step and feel on his backside. Dick Linn became traumatized after having his space invaded by a combination of Sommers and Keen-Shaw. After being told on numerous occasions to ‘please shut the f*** up and go to sleep’ we eventually did. I had never laughed so much in my life.

The next day began with a rough awakening as Dessie was snoring like a lawnmower. Thankfully he was making a noise as he looked as if he had just passed away, laid out flat on his back hands together against his chest. All he was missing was a set of rosary beads. Everybody’s alarms went off one by one which was irritating to say the least. The previous night was summed up in a nutshell by a very hungover Dick who staggered out of bed barely clothed and barely able to speak. Moneybags and Donie Starling had to sing with singers first so they were up bright and early looking sharp. Moneybags spent the morning getting everybody’s next of kin details and half way through MrMarksguitar accidentally wiped it all out much to Moneybags’ devastation. We eventually all got dressed and made our way into town. We spent the morning exploring the city and trying to find somewhere to eat as we had missed breakfast. I for one spent the morning explaining to the rest of them what they did the previous night as they had no recollection which was hilarious. We eventually found a nice bistro for lunch but we didn’t have a lot of time as we were due to catch a train to the venue for our concert which was taking place in the afternoon. Service was slow and we ended up rapidly eating our lovely Hungarian cuisine and getting a random bus cleverly found by Jason to the train station as we didn’t have time to walk. We then met up with the Singers choir who had sang earlier in their own concert while the female choirs were already at the venue. We arrived with very little time to purchase tickets. What made matters worse was that there were only two ticket machines and there were about forty of us. People began to panic buy bulks of tickets in order to make sure everyone got on. Some of us boarded with our tickets for the outward journey while Fungal, Finn, Jacob and singers’ member Eyelash were given the job of collecting the rest and making sure the train didn’t leave. Unfortunately they were left behind which was very frustrating. Niall did his very best to make sure they got on but the door shut just as they were about to climb on board. At first we were very worried but we were soon informed that they would be able to get another train soon after which would only take slightly longer. In Hungary you need two tickets per journey, the main one and another one which represents an extra charge. We only had the main one. Thankfully Conrad McShane managed to explain our situation to a very confused ticket lady via a translator. We got off the hook thankfully. We probably wouldn’t have been so lucky if we were travelling with Iarnród Éireann. We then put it behind us and enjoyed our journey to the venue by doing a quick last minute rehearsal. We even managed to attract some attention from some locals who were very drunk. That being said we managed to give away a couple of business cards which was great.
Thankfully we all arrived safe and sound despite the ordeal which we took responsibility for. Our compatriots that were left behind arrived literally five minutes before we were due to sing after being given some very poor directions by Niall. Talk about cutting it fine. Our venue for our concert was the Kodaly Institute of Music which is located about an hour outside Budapest in a beautiful town called Kecskemét. Kecskemét is surrounded by many buildings that resemble churches. Niall’s directions were as follows. “It’s somewhere near a church.” Fungal responded in Skerries style by saying that ‘you couldn’t f****n swing a cat without hittin a steeple here’.
Steeples everywhere!
Anyway the concert itself began with Boydell, they were followed by Belles and it finished with us. The female choirs performed very well. It’s safe to say that we weren’t at our best. The events of the night before and the stress of the journey had taken its toll on us. If there is one thing we struggle with its organisation. Will this improve? Certainly not. Despite the inconvenience and a few errors we still managed to put a smile on people’s faces and we also received a lot of praise from our colleagues and other spectators. This particular concert was very important for me as it was the debut of my arrangement of the song ‘Budapest’ by George Ezra. I worked on it over Christmas and we had it learnt off after just one rehearsal. I thought it would be a cool thing to do, considering where we were. Overall I was happy with how it sounded, considering we only had one rehearsal to practise it I thought it was a good first performance.
We then travelled back to the city (drinking recommenced on route) where we were greeted with snow!! It is yet to snow in Ireland this winter so to witness snow in Budapest was pretty magical. It made us ignore the fact that it was really cold. Niall, Dessie, Robin, MrMarksguitar, Growth and I decided to do some late night sight-seeing which was one of the highlights of the trip. We walked to the huge square where the Hungarian Parliament is located which was covered in snow. As it was quiet we sang and recorded Raglan Road and the Auld Triangle which was very special. We then got a glimpse of the beautiful Blue Danube and then began to make our way back to base as we all desperately needed the toilet. We took the metro home where we tried to recreate the famous Teenage Dirtbag Luas Flashmob by singing Budapest. I’ll say no more about that. We then emptied our bladders, got some dinner, had a few drinks whilst planning our very own rugby team and then joined the rest of the crew for an unforgettable evening out. The committee in charge of the trip managed to book a private venue just for us which was absolutely perfect. The DJ was fantastic, drinks were cheap and everyone had a ball. Most of our set was played. Donie was particularly excited when Beautiful was played, as he was walking out the door when it came on and had to immediately run back in. Everyone was as rowdy as the night before especially…….Giles. Fungal spent most of the evening on his hands and knees desperately looking for his coat. We were all snowmen by the time we returned home and we were expecting to be welcomed with an after party but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. We tried to make the most of it but by 6 or 7 a.m. we were dead men walking and on that note returned to another night of listening to noises that can only be described as Darth Vader crossed with a pig.
The Cloooob
After three and a half hours sleep we were up again ready to embark on an attraction that we had been looking forward to the entire trip. The Szechenyi Baths. They are famous for not just their luxury indoor pools and steam rooms but their iconic outdoor baths which rise to temperatures as high as 37 degrees Celsius. You go from being absolutely freezing cold upon arrival to relaxingly warm. In some cases prior to entering the baths you are pelted with Snow balls by the banter king that is Niall. We spent around two hours here and it certainly was the best way to recover from the previous night. We also couldn’t leave without singing a tune, so we sang Timshel by Mumford and Sons which ironically talks of the water being cold and freezing our minds.Conrad was in his element as he recreated the iconic scene from Casino Royale when Daniel Craig exits the Caribbean waters in all his glory (video evidence coming soon). We then returned to the hostel one last time to collect our belongings and in our small groups we set off for the airport in preparation for our flight back to Dublin. However before leaving, Robin, Dessie, Fungal and I were treated to what was the greatest taxi journey of our lives. First of all the driver allowed the others to smoke a cigar and drink. I was sick of alcohol at this stage. We were having a good laugh and were listening to the radio when suddenly the taxi driver asked if he could put on his CD. We of course kindly accepted the request and what happened next blew our minds. The music being played was heavy, psychedelic, electro dance music which had us in fits of laughter. The thing was the taxi driver was so cool, he was quite an elderly man, dressed in all black and wearing sun glasses. It was a great way to end the trip. We then spent our time in airport queues showing people video evidence of what we had just experienced. People didn’t react in the manner we hoped they would however it was one of those moments where you had to be there. Dessie, Robin and Grunt had the last horah when they drank nearly an entire bottle of whiskey on the plane only to have it controversially taken off them by a very scary body builder of a flight attendant. Robin spent the remainder of the evening nearly killing a women with a suitcase, sitting and sulking on a moving walkway and asking strangers if they owned an unclaimed packet of dry roasted peanuts on a Dublin bus.
So on that note, we have come to end of our first blog post. As you will gather from reading this we had an amazing weekend in Budapest. So many memories that will forever be remembered in Trinitones folklore. Hopefully this will be the first of many foreign trips around the world. Mr. Niall Duff recorded many clips for the trip. They are currently being used as part of a travel/music video which will give you more of a visual interpretation of what we got up to. The remainder of Hilary Term and 2016 as a whole promises to be another busy period for Trinitones. We have a lot of exciting events coming up so stay tuned for the next blog post.

Trinitones at Electric Picnic


Salty Dog / / 3.30pm / / Saturday 5th September
Trailer Park / / 4.00pm / / Sunday 6th September
Facebook Event

Trinitones will make their highly anticipated debut at Electric Picnic with performances at two of Stradbally’s finest stages, Salty Dog and Trailer Park.

Come and join us as we attempt to wake festival goers from their self induced states of slumber with our most recent takes of the songs you love to hate, and really, simply, hate.

Due to the absence of the #TriniMoms and Co. at these performances, obtaining standing room in the first ten rows will not pose any substantial difficulty – this is an opportunity not to be missed.

With an all new ‘Live!’ show that includes hints of movement and our first use of mild pyrotechnics (subject to licence), these festival debuts are not to be missed.

We look forward to welcoming many a familiar face, and a few new and unfamiliar ones too, at both of our performances in the woods of Stradbally.

*Artwork by the wonderfully talented Éna Brennan* –



After The Storm

Somebody To Love