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Trinitones XI

Magnus Gyllenhammar
Swedish by lineage, birth and upbringing, Magnus was signed in the summer transfer window to bolster a Trinitones bass-line which had suffered the loss of fan-favourite Killian “McSwillian” Horan to a lucrative contract offer which took him to North America.
Matt’s recent addition to Trinitones constitutes the prolongation of a rich heritage of Kilkenny College alumni to have formed part of the group – a lineage which can be traced back to the Great Father of Trinitones, Sir Patrick Barrett. Read on…
Dahnan Spurling
A Senior Freshman “nano-student”, ‪Dahnan likes small things and shows much attention to detail – attributes which make him a helpful addition to the ranks of the much-adorned, yet typically disorganised Baritone section…
Conor O’Shea
A veteran of the Irish third level system, Conor is thought to be older than many people who are, in fact, the same age as him. While not a “mature student” per se, Conor has done it all around the block… and back, twice – for another one.
Young Chae Soon
Initially diagnosed as a musical prodigy on his 20-week scan, managers Bjorn & Dessie © have allegedly had him on their books since the early days of their controversial ante-natal scouting program, “Ultra Sound”…
Richard O’Connell
Hailing from Galway City, ‪Richard O’Connell has lived a life ever aware of the ocean – an ear ever-cocked to the serene soothing of the sea lapping with low-sounds against the Salthill shores and one eye ever-cast upon the powerful waves which wash trans-Atlantic prosperity…
Declan O’Beirne
A proud Waterford man, ‪Declan‬ O’Beirne has been on the dole since finishing primary school – only recently discovering, on a trip to London, that the term “a bit of a hole” does not refer to urban centres generally.
Neil Dunne
Neil has a sister called Emma – a 4th year medical student. From an early age Emma showed great musical promise, taking lessons in violin and piano.

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